Experience without expectations is unthinkable — literally. What
I believe will happen plays a prominent part in how I feel about what does happen.

Even when it’s part of a subconscious story I didn’t know I was telling myself.

So, why should organisations even try to shape people’s experience?


Organisations are made of unheroic work — those thousands of everyday actions and decisions that keep your particular engine turning. Hidden and often unexamined, it is the lion-share of what people do in their jobs.

I call the gap between what you say is most important and how people do…

You know the page. There might even be one in your organisation. At the top is purpose, and from there, the cascade continues …

Core Values
Strategic pillars
Brand promise
Brand values
Experience principles

I frequently see organisations that have the entire shebang…

The book “Noise, A Flaw in Human Judgement” by Daniel Kahneman, Cass Sunstein and Oliver Sibony explores the information and choices that interfere with judgement when people make decisions.

Reading it got me thinking about noise of a different kind.

Brand noise.

The interference comes from many quarters (and here…

Values are not there as a billboard for your goodness.

Frankly, I don’t care what someone who doesn’t work for me, with me and buy from me thinks of them and nor should you.

So, when I talk about good and bad values, it’s not with any moral judgement. …

Are you a trust given or a trust earned person?

In my experience, everyone is one or the other, and like oil and water, the two don’t mix. When earners run into givers, things quickly become the trust edition of a Mexican stand-off.

It’s one of the things I look…

Consequences always follow promises, and the nature of the outcome is determined by whether you keep or break them.

At first glance, broken promises appear to exert a more significant impact. And indeed, the hurt caused deserves attention. Less examined are the gains from keeping them.

It’s easy to overlook…

The dance of promises made by an organisation and the experience it delivers can be everything from the smooth glide of Fred and Ginger circling the floor to the awkward missteps and sore toes of a first waltz.

Experience and promises circle each other in continual motion. Where one begins…

So things are going well at your business. People love what you’re doing. And you’re having trouble finding enough of the right people to keep up with demand. It’s all good.

So why aren’t things running as smoothly as they used to?

“It’s just growing pains”, you tell yourself. And…

Customer experience is so yesterday. The energy and conversation are rapidly shifting to employee experience. Organisations are slowly embracing the idea of the employee role in the business as more than merely a cost on the balance sheet.

It’s about time. For years they have trotted out the shop-worn platitude…

Michel Hogan

Brand Counsel, writer and speaker. What promises are you making and how are you keeping them?

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