A new tool for making promises you can keep

The Promise Wheel

Click here to download the Promise Wheel worksheet.

For example, a client has told me they are planning to buy a service we don’t provide from one of our competitors. We had discussed developing the same service but hadn’t started work yet. Still, we’re considering a promise to provide it to them — they’re a big client and it’s a risk either way.

  1. Were there any surprises?
  2. What facts support the ratings? (as opposed to opinions)
  3. Will low-scoring areas impact keeping the promise?
    (not all areas are essential for every promise)
  4. Do the high-rated areas offset those with lower scores?
  5. If we make this promise based on these ratings, can we
    keep it? (should doesn’t mean can)

Download the Promise Wheel worksheet.

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Michel Hogan

Michel Hogan


Brand Counsel, writer and speaker. What promises are you making and how are you keeping them?